Lorrie Hess

Life & Business Coach and Motivational Speaker

Whether coaching or speaking, I help people like you focus on what matters most, and learn techniques  for change so you can be more purposeful in every day life.


Most of my coaching clients come to me because they want to be more focused and efficient, held accountable, and encouraged.  Successful businessowners juggling many roles, those going through life and career transitions, and those wanting more satisfaction in day-to-day results come to coaching for clarification, insight, and new perspectives.

Coaching is usually done one-on-one.  Couple and small group coaching can be arranged, depending on the issues you want to address.  Click on the Coaching tab for more information.

Motivational Speaking

My topics can be adapted for any size audience:  small group, conference break-out, or auditorium.  The activities and group discussions included – or not – depend on audience size and room structure as well as time.  Click on the Speaker tab for more details.


4 responses to “Lorrie Hess

  1. I would like very much to have a consult with you. As a wife, mother & business woman, I certainly could benefit from some direction and guidance. I believe that your perspective will add another dimension to benefit my mission statement and accomplishing my goals. Jacque’

  2. Dru williamson

    Please keep me on your list to watch your blog

  3. John and Linda Worden

    Thank you for your presentation at the Kerrville Kiwanis Club yesteday. I thought the following Facebook post would be of interest to you..

    Steve Dyer
    November 5 at 4:27pm ยท

    This is the guy I’ve been telling some of you about. Steve Saint, who flew me to meet his friends in the Amazon Jungle in 1995. Along the way, Steve told me the famous missionary story of his dad & friends getting speared to death by Amazon Warriors in the fifties. This is the first Christian missionary I ever personally got to know, and he was a contributing factor in steering me toward our work with orphanages.
    What’s Our Dilemma?
    What’s Our Dilemma? by Steve Saint My aptitude is in business. My education is in finance. My heart is in missions. Growing up in three cultures, I’m afraid I’m not typical of any one society but I…

    Have you read “Through Gates of Splendor” by Elizabeth Elliot?