The First Steps

First steps are wobbly, hard work and include falling down before trying again.  First steps aren’t as graceful and easy as later steps, but there is a lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding them and a willingness to keep trying until you can walk on your own.  It’s no easy feat, yet as soon as those steps are mastered, a new goal is set.  Actually, there probably is no line between first steps and climbing or running or dancing.  One move just naturally leads to another.

These are the last of my first steps into a new career.  I’ve spent time standing and building strength, studied long enough how to do it, and  balanced on my own for awhile.  Pretty soon I’ll be running to catch up in the excitement of the next phase.  Wobbling, falling, and succeeding all over again.


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One response to “The First Steps

  1. Cindy Woods

    It’s about time! Keep stepping up!


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