Following the Leader

“Be careful who you choose to follow.”  That was the point of a story told to me years ago.  It stuck with me because the speaker gave such a vivid example of how she learned this lesson.  Here’s how the story went:  At around six years old, the speaker began losing her vision, but because she was so young she didn’t realize how unusual this was and simply kept adapting as best she could.  Eventually, she learned to follow her classmates when they lined up to leave the classroom.  This worked pretty well for a while, and she was able to keep up as they moved from classroom to library, then cafeteria and recess.  One day, she lined up as usual and followed the boy in front of her.  He went down the hall and then turned.  She did as well, stopping only when she heard a sudden burst of laughter and then some teasing.  This young follower found herself in the boys’ bathroom.  Oops!  She learned a lot of things that year, but one of the most important lessons was to choose your leaders well – and make sure they are leading you where you want to go.


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