Ordinary Angels

This is a story about guardian angels just like you and me – ordinary people given an extraordinary role at a pivotal point in time.

During my college days, a couple friends and I walked to a nightclub in my neighborhood.  It was early and we noticed a couple good-looking, muscular men at the entrance.  They were wearing Izod shirts and crisp jeans – pretty much the style of the 80’s – and they were standing just outside the door.  As we entered, I realized my i.d. was back at the apartment, so I told my friends I was going back to get mine.  They protested me walking back alone, but I said I would be quick by using the alley that separated my apartment complex from the nightclub.

A cold west Texas wind was blowing, and I decided to jog.  A few minutes later I walked into my apartment and was surprised to see Johannes, a new acquaintance, visiting with my roommate.  He had stopped by to say “Hi” to me and introduced himself to her when I wasn’t home.  They insisted on walking me back.  About ten feet into the alley I spotted a man hiding beside a dumpster.  A second later we saw another one by a shrub.  I whispered, “Those men were at the club when I left.”  Johannes whispered back to keep walking and the men stood awkwardly as we passed, but did not follow.  Johannes and my roommate dropped me off at the club and headed back the long way. 

My roommate told me later that night that they didn’t see the men again.  The funny thing is, I never saw Johannes again either.

I’ve always thought of Johannes as a guardian angel, which he was, but never as a real person.  Recently, a new thought came to mind.  Maybe Johannes is just an ordinary man used for an extraordinary purpose that night.  With his mission fulfilled, he didn’t need to be part of my life anymore.  

We are each an Ordinary Angel used for an extraordinary purpose at one time or another.   Here’s to hoping you recognize how extraordinary you truly are.



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2 responses to “Ordinary Angels

  1. Fantastic post. Some great points you highlight in there.


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