Scaredy Cat

There is a new cat in our house, I think.  We brought her home two weeks ago.  At night, we hear sounds like a cat in the house and once in a while we see something catlike running from one room to another. 

It turns out we have a scaredy cat.  She hides in the darkest smallest spaces she can find, and boy can she find some strange spaces.  Did you know some chimneys have a narrow ledge about three feet up, where a cat can perch all day?  I didn’t, until I saw her jump straight up, and not come down.  It’s good we don’t have fires very often….

When I reach out calling “kitty kitty”, she will come near and let me pet her.  As long as she is under our bed, she enjoys the attention and even rolls around on her back like she isn’t scared at all.  She panics if you try to bring her out of her hidey-hole.  (Sigh.)  We want so much more for her:  to see how beautiful and safe she is in her new home, to sit by us when we watch movies, or jump in our laps when we are reading.  We want her to be brave and come on out from under the bed, up the chimney, or behind the washing machine. 

I was thinking about our new cat when I realized many of us react the same way to moving into something new.  Sometimes we hesitate to move into a better position/company/relationship, because it’s strange and scary to leave the person/place/career to which you are accustomed.  Even when others can see clear advantages, we don’t always feel confident.  We might even like the attention when someone new comes calling, but we stay put anyway.  The scariness of moving can be greater than the motivation to take ourselves forward.

Where are you waiting and watching from a place of safety?  Where would you step forward, if you were just a little bit braver?

We celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, and have much for which we can be grateful.  One of those things is the ability to grow and change;  if it is time to move forward, I challenge you to begin today.  You and I were not meant to be scaredy cats.  We were meant to fully participate in our opportunities and lives.  For that, I’m so very thankful.


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  1. Very nice post. I believe it all boils down to thatold tug of war within ourselves. We seek knowledge & change and at the same time avoid it. Our primal instincts conditioned us to make sense of the world around us as else there was always that fear of “what we do not know”. So we fit all we know into that “comfort space” which we have created and close our minds to uncomfortable facts that do not fit.

    So the motivation to move forward, to be successful, needs to come from a space of energy and ” ownership”.




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