Your Giving Self

One of my coaching classes had an exercise about envisioning your future self.  It is designed to look at where you want to go from the perspective of having made it to your future, and then looking back to see what you had to do to become that person.  It’s a long, laid-back exercise in which you close your eyes and follow verbal instructions using your imagination.  I fell asleep.  I don’t remember falling asleep, but I remember waking up over and over again.  It would have been embarrassing, except that everyone else was sitting or leaning against the wall with their eyes shut, so no one knew that I wasn’t fully present….

I actually did learn more about what I wanted for my future.  The lesson proved insightful and I thought about it many times.  Then we did part two a day later.  In the second part of this “future self” perspective we were to imagine our current self meeting our future self.  At the end of the meeting, future self gives current self a gift.  This time it was going great.  I was focused on imagining the scenario and I love gifts.  The instructor then asked us to open the gift.

What did I give myself? Oooh, but is that really the question?  Let me try again:

What is the gift your future self wants to give you today?

Our future offers many options, many of which are ours to choose.  I hope you take time this busy gift-giving season to decide what you really want – and then go box it up and put a bow on it.


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