I like to spend time in my imagination.  It’s a fun place to be.  Plans develop, careers soar, homes grace magazine covers, and children all grow to be happy and successful with lots of time for mom.  Yes, I really like imagination.  My reality is pretty good too, and I enjoy spending time in the present, but my imagination seems to hold my future – or at least future possibilities. 

How can the fun of daydreaming be used to create the life you want for yourself? By using the act of imagining, you can lead yourself to the steps you need to take to live in that dream.  (As a life coach, my solutions almost always involve action!)  The dreams you have represent what you value and want in your life.  You can expand on your dreams and do more than want it; you can define the goal so clearly that you know exactly what to do to live the dream.

First, let me explain about dreams versus fantasies.  Fantasies are fun, too, but they are not based on something over which you have much control.  Winning the lottery is a fantasy of mine.  However, there is only one way I can make the fantasy of winning the lottery real:  buy a ticket.  So far, buying lottery tickets hasn’t worked for me.  I’ve imagined winning and bought a ticket or two, but nada, not a thing has happened except the exchange of a dollar for a few minutes of fantasy.  (It’s worth the buck though.) 

Conversely, if you have some degree of control over turning your dream into reality, then it’s a dream worth pursuing with action.  The challenge is for me always is “How do I move from where I am now to where I am in my imagination?”

One tool that works well for me is clarity.  From the soft blurry focus of a dream you can develop a clear vision of what the dream looks like in real life.  What does a dream of success look like?  If I dream of being the kind of speaker who has audiences rolling in emotions of laughter, understanding, insight, and connection…, then how do I put clarity in this dream?  (and I do have this dream….)

A good place to start is by asking myself more about what I’m seeing.  Who is in the audience?  Are they parents, businesspeople, men, women, children, corporate employees, college seniors, retirees, fitness fanatics, entrepreneurs, or who?  What is my topic?  Is it cooking tips, magic tricks, social media strategies, entertainment, or overcoming obstacles?  Why in the world is the audience listening to me?  What does it give them to hear me?

That’s a little bit about what I mean by clarity.  It’s taking the dream and adding details, the kind of details that point you in a direction of steps to take.  If I know more precisely what the dream represents, then I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do to break free of the dream world and move into the present one.

A lot of business gurus will tell you to identify your market very clearly, and then identify what problem you are solving for them.  It’s a good strategy.  It can move you from dreaming about business success to living it.  Identifying your market clearly and the problem you solve for that market is another way of adding details to your dream of a profitable business.  I like the idea of using this strategy to move any dream from imagination to real life. 

If clarity works for business dreams, it can work for personal dreams.

I dream of being the kind of mom with whom my kids are always pleased to spend time.  What does that look like in real life?  How do we spend time together?  What does it give them to spend time with me?  What do we talk about and how do I respond to their stories, excitement, tragedies, and requests for advice… or for a sympathetic ear?  How do I make time for them and what do I do to make it easier for them to be with me? 

Most people do not clarify these kinds of details when they think of personal dreams, but I do because it’s very important to me that this dream stays real; in order to make it real, I need to be clear on what my role is in the transformation.  Like any goal, business or personal, it’s up to me to turn my dream into real life. 

My dreams of becoming a sought-after speaker, of growing a solid profitable business, and of being the kind of person whose children want to spend time with her are each up to me to make real.  There are many strategies to employ, with one being to paint the pictures of my dreams vividly, and use those renderings as blueprints to build a better reality.  Blueprints make it really clear on what the dream looks like in real life, and what my role is in making it happen.  A blueprint gives me clarity.  Then I have to move out of my head and into real life, one step at a time.

What is a dream of yours?

What would it become if you added in all the details?


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