Goals are great, but writing down goals and defining what you need to do to reach them isn’t what transforms dreams into reality.  Taking action, making change, and sticking with the new plan is what transforms your life.

In my past life as a financial advisor, there were a few clients that hired me and thought they were done.  It was as though paying someone to develop a plan for them was enough.  It isn’t.  Just like any goal, implementing the steps to create the future you envision is the key.

I’ve found myself falling into the same trap with other goals once in a while.  For instance, I would go to a seminar and learn some really terrific ideas, write down the ones which would make the biggest difference to me, then go back to the office and fall back into my same patterns without integrating the new ideas.  Finally, I learned it takes more than insight and ideas to make change.  Now, I start out the same way, and then make it effective by choosing which idea I’m going to implement and put it on my calendar to tackle.  Some people can quickly implement several new ideas into their routine.  Me, I take one and work on it for a while before trying out the next.  Since life isn’t a race, it doesn’t matter which route you take, only that you take a route heading to your new goal.

Have you ever bought exercise equipment or signed up for a gym membership, then didn’t  exercise?  That’s like writing down a goal without taking steps to reach it.  I know lots of people tout writing down goals as the key to successful change, and I agree that writing them down can impel you to action.  It simply isn’t the most critical part of change.  The only part of reaching a goal that absolutely must happen is action toward that goal.  Usually that means changing how you behave now into a new behavior.

The video Arthur’s Transformation  is a great example of how action caused change.  I’ve watched it nearly a dozen times.  You may have already seen it, and it’s worth seeing again.  The designer of the program he uses states:

 “You get out of it what you put into it!” ~Diamond Dallas Page 

Take a look at the kind of transformation possible, when you do more than define your goal.  If you want to see the program Arthur used, click on DDP Yoga.


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