South Llano River

Water is precious in Texas, especially at the end of August.  When friends suggested we go kayaking on the Llano River last weekend, I might have wondered how many times we would find ourselves stuck as we scraped rocks on the riverbed bottom.  (This is how I’ve kayaked before while burning myself in the blazing heat of a Texas summer.)  Fortunately, my thoughts were full of promise as our more experienced kayaking friends had told us there is “always water in the South Llano”.  My husband took them on faith, too, even though he had recently driven by the North Llano River and found it to be darn close to dry.

I’m so glad we went.  It was a beautiful day, with overcast skies all morning keeping the temperature down and visibility excellent.  We saw blue herons and hawks, buzzards and sparrows, catfish and minnows, quite a few snakes, and one wild boar.  We floated past fields and limestone cliffs, saw caves and the bloom of late summer flowers.  Yes, we scraped bottom a couple times, but I never was stuck on the rocks of the riverbed.  It was relaxing and easy, we paddled steadily for just over two hours in the quiet perfect morning of a Texas Hill Country summer day.

We left the river at our take-out place a full hour ahead of schedule, and enjoyed the sprinkle of very light rain while having snacks and easy conversation with our friends.  Home in early afternoon, there was plenty of time in the day to call another friend and catch up on a long overdue talk.  When I told her of our kayaking trip, she said we were always on some kind of adventure.

I was about to insist that all we had done was say “Yes” when our friends invited us along, to protest that we hadn’t planned the adventure – our friends had – when it occurred to me she was right.  We are often out on some adventure, usually resulting from our own effort and planning.  This time the opportunity came right to our door and invited us along.  All we had to do was agree to go along.

It would have been easy to turn down this opportunity, to be too busy, imagine the weather too hot, or the river too low.  We could have put it off until after fall rains or simply decided an hour drive to Junction, Texas not worth it.  I’m glad we didn’t.  I’m happy we instead eagerly packed our cooler for a morning of fun.   We can’t wait to introduce others to the South Llano kayaking adventure and repeat this experience over and over again!

 What might you enjoy if you say “Yes” when an adventure comes knocking?!



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8 responses to “South Llano River

  1. One of Texas best and least known gems, known only to the adventurous and the lucky (and let’s keep it that way).

  2. Marc Hess

    Wow. You know the same thing happend to me when I said ‘yes.’

  3. Ina Vleeshouwer

    HEAR HEAR!!!!! Another AWESOME piece, Lorrie!

  4. Sounds like it was a great day out…

  5. Leslie Shoots

    Enjoyed many times jumping off the spillway there on The Rio Llano @ Hwy 16 Bridge. Glad I said yes!

  6. Linda Blalock

    Saying yes, can sometimes mean small adventures, too, that are equally meaningful. You are a wonderful writer, Lorrie.


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