Business owners, employees, and people in life transitions use my motivational presentations to gain insight and move confidently toward goals, building careers, and developing better relationships.

My presentations speak right to the heart of what each of us faces every day, personally and professionally, show listeners how to uncover strengths, focus on what’s important, gain insight through new perspectives, and learn techniques for making change, so you reach the results you want.

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2012 TWIB


“Tools for Change…  Show Me How!”

Give attendees the tools to go from good ideas to action.

This presentation delivers practical insight your attendees can implement immediately – and is a good wrap up to a conference advocating new ideas or change.

“Meet People! …for business success and lifelong friendships” 

Tips and techniques for building a stronger relationships with colleagues, potential clients, friendships and business partners.

This presentation can be structured to allow audience members to engage in activities and verbal participation. Activities can be adapted for various audience sizes. “Meet People!” can be a 45-60 minute presentation of core components, or extended into a 2-2.5 hour workshop.

  • Initiating conversations
  • Moving from small talk to relationships
  • Graceful transitions and exits

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Lorrie created an online course for “Meet People!” 

Access here:  Meet People


Video Clips

  Leadership Nov 2012

Presentation to Leadership Texas Association of School Boards (LTASB).

LTASB Class of 2013


  San Juan Canal   May 2011

Inspiring presentation “Woman Without A Prayer”

Motivating through real life stories and inspiration.


Group activities and small group discussions designed for insight and learning are used and encouraged during my presentations when time and the environment allow.  I am glad to discuss your audience needs and venue to make certain my presentation matches your learning objectives.


Contact me directly at lorriehess@live.com or through the “Feedback?” section below if you would like to book me for your speaking event.



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